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            "The Jilting of Granny Weatherall" depicts a misunderstood old woman's last day on earth. The development of Granny's character and how it tied in her procrastination helped show that no one is ready to die. As Granny Weatherall's life literally "flashes" before her eyes, the importance of the title of the story becomes obvious. Granny Weatherall has been in some way deceived or disappointed in every love relationship of her life. Granny Weatherall is displayed as having good natured intentions inside, while yet her outward actions are often quite bitter.
             One thing contributing to Granny's personality is her procrastination. At the beginning of the story, Granny says she will get things done "tomorrow." The author states that when Granny was sixty, she had felt very old and went around making farewell trips to her children and grandchildren, with a secret in mind: This is the very last of your mother, children! Toward the end of the story however, when Granny realizes she is dying, she begs God for more time to do the little tasks she had been putting off. This aspect of her character proved to be one of the themes of the story. No one is ready for death. .
             Granny Weatherall's actions towards others appear cruel to the other characters that can't understand Granny's inner thoughts. Granny's actions towards other characters make her seem like a heartless old woman. She seems to be very court to the visiting doctor at the beginning. Her inner thoughts reveal that she wanted to make a kindly wave goodbye, but found herself too tired. Upon the doctor's return, Granny rudely inquires as to why he's returned after a few minutes. It's not Granny being ill-tempered, instead her inner thoughts reveal it to be in honest mistake. In this story, Granny recalls how her beau, jilted her at the altar. Although it is unclear to the reader what leads up o the wedding day abandonment, she was clearly haunted for sexy years as "she had prayed against remembering him and against losing her soul.

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