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"Success is following the pattern of life one enjoys most."

            In "The Jilting of Granny Weatherall" by Katherine Anne Porter, Granny Weatherall, jilted at the "alter"? Yes! Liked being jilted? Of course not! But Granny Weatherall didn't let this stand in her way of having a successful life. Successful to Granny didn't mean she needed to be rich or be the most popular person in town or even have everything she wanted. To her it meant that her life was filled with joy, love, happiness, and that she was able to earn what she got instead of it just getting handed to her. Sitting around not getting over the jilt was not an option for Granny! This is why Granny went on with her life, made the most out of her life, and since she did all this her death even reflects her successful life.
             The first thing that Granny did to get over the jilt was to get on with her life. Granny did this by getting married to John. Most people might look at this and say she just got married to get married and that she didn't have the feeling for John like she did for George. But if that were true then Granny wouldn't have said, " I wouldn't have exchanged my husband for anybody except St. Michael himself."1 (1,700) Her getting married was just the start. She also got on with her life by having children. Other people might also think that she just had children because it was the thing to do at that time. That would be a logical statement to make despite the fact that she thought to herself of all the food she had cooked, all the clothes she had cut and sewed, and all the gardens she had made, and saw all her hard work in her children. .
             Another way Granny didn't get down about the jilt it how she picked herself up and became a mid-wife. She became a mid-wife to show that she was over the jilt and that she could help others in their time of need despite what had happened to her. This shows great success and love on Granny's part. Because Granny Weatherall got married, had kids, and became a mid-wife goes to show that Granny had led a successful life.

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