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What higher education reforms

            What higher education reforms have taken place in Russia since the fall of Soviet Union?.
             1991 was one of the most talked about points in history. It was the fall of the Soviet Union, the fall of communism. It was a time when Russia went through economic, religious, social and educational changes. The people of Russia were trying to establish themselves as separate republics, with their own characteristics. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, their have been many educational reforms, beginning with the General Education Reform Act which was put into place by Gorbechev in 1988 (Avis, pg. 141). .
             During this time, economic education at all levels was key to the achievement of the economic literacy that was necessary for success. Students in institutions of higher education, nearing entry into the labor force, needed economic education to participate in the economy effectively as workers, managers, and entrepreneurs, and also to become effective teachers of younger students. A challenge was then faced, a challenge in the development of courses and programs in economics and other market-oriented fields, such as accounting, management, and banking. This is because there was competition in the new Russian society. A competition to prosper, and a competition to live life. With this competition, a new beginning was formed which began with the moving away from the former Soviet-type structures and moving toward the reformation of Russian education. Therefore, Russia was in a bad situation and was faced with the problem of transition. .
             The Russian education system had employees that could not handle the situation with the current education standards. These standards were falling dangerously, as students began to fail science, math, and literature tests (Britannica on-line). These tests were common and routine for Soviet-era children. This was a direct result of the drugs, alcohol, and street violence, which were creeping into the Russian schools.

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