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The American Higher Education System

            Universities and colleges have lost their basic mission of offering the best services to students. The once huge and vital sector has turned out to be a sector that charges huge fees yet students graduate with low grades that are way below average. The young generation deserve better than the undernourished and above all the overprice diet they are fed with. The higher education system needs a reform, a reform that individuals will view their obligations to the upcoming generation. The sole purpose of higher education institutions is offering education; other activities offered should be justified why they exist on campuses. For instance, activities that impede learning and teaching in campuses include administrative officer like the varsity athletics chairman. This papers aims to look how the higher education system has completely lost its major aim of offering quality education to the young generation. It also gives insights of what needs to be done so as the education system can once again give the best to the young and upcoming generation.
             Tuition fees have been raised ahead of the consumer price index due to the costs attributed to aforementioned activity. In this modern world, students are borrowing money from the higher education loans board so as they can offset their bills. At Ohio Wesleyan University, 77 percent of students graduate in debt, 85 percent of Hollins University students also graduate in debt. After the penalties and interests, repayments reach three times the original amount borrowed; it has made the first generation of young people to embark on adulthood in debt. All Americans are capable of college work, so university enrollment should be everyone's ultimate objective. For this to be achieved, professors will have to make efforts in reaching their students. For instance, the University of Tennessee offers seminars for its freshmen together with the professors that are going to teach the students.

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