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Liberalisim to Socialism

            The Developments Caused by Liberalism in the Rise of Socialism.
             Early theories of the Enlightment philosophy formed an underlying theme through the history of liberalism and the development of socialism. However often contradicted through our own human err of bias perception, the works of great thinkers such as Rousseau, Montesquieu, and Locke have provided a pivotal influence on societal values. This philosophy is the groundwork for what we now more wholly understand as laws of nature, in whatever form, not to be exploited or undermined. The reality of contemporary liberalism, as it is inspired by socialism, clearly fuses with the definition of this philosophical genius, if indeed it could be summarized as a general ideology. Early Enlightment philosophy provided the guiding light to the liberalistic evolution of freedom from restriction, to freedom in the sense of opportunity as a socialistic ideology. .
             Philosophers were the first to realize what the aristocratic society, the bourgeois, and the bourgeoisie failed to understand. For far too long had European citizens consecutively endured the rule and abuse of absolute monarchs. No soul dared to threaten the authority of king or church as those who did might be tortured or burned at the stake. The foundations of knowledge and reason influenced writers, philosophers, and citizens alike to question the legitimacy of such rule. Along with advances in science and technology, philosophers began to see the world as governed by natural laws such as gravity and motion. Mimicking the scientists" curiosity, philosophers questioned the basic workings of government and society and in doing so gave rise to the Age of Enlightment. No longer was human comprehension run by the mystical and supernatural once the rational version of comprehension proved much more convincing. In fact, philosophy became a practical method of social and political persuasion.

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