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Socialism and Communism

            While socialism and communism are both similar, socialism is the preferential choice when it comes to economic systems. In the novel, Animal Farm, the animals seem to be abiding under totalitarian or communist rule. Their leader Napoleon raves on about making the farm a fair and comfortable place, yet he's gradually turned the farm into a dystopian society. The animals were often working, cold and their rations were reduced. Their beloved friend Boxer was sent to a slaughterhouse to be made into glue, which Napoleon claimed was an accident, yet after paying all of Boxer's medical expenses, he somehow acquired the money to buy another case of whiskey. Napoleon has broken most of the seven commandments. He doesn't practice equality, he drinks alcohol, he sleeps in a bed and he has killed another animal. After breaking a commandment Napoleon has the rules changed, on the wall, so that what he does is justified. Later on in the novel leader napoleon does the one act to differentiate him from the animals and the humans, he walks on his hind legs. If walking upright was not enough the pigs began to dress in Jones' old clothes and had changed yet another commandment. The animals see the pigs fraternizing with the humans during a game of cards. They are drinking beer, cheering, laughing and making toasts. They toast to prosperity of the farm now called manor farm. They toast to equality and peace between the two. They hear an uproaring from the room and notice that Napoleon and Mr. Pilkington had played an ace of spades simultaneously and they had begun to argue. Their anger filled rants and actions were so similar that it was soon difficult to tell the difference. They all seemed to assimilate, but not in rectitude, it was cryptic and it made everyone feel not only betrayed but uneasy.
             Communism is an economic system in which everyone is equal. No one is to receive more than someone else. In communism, everything belongs to the government and religion is abolished.

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