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             Marx was a Historical Materialist; he wanted to try to find the laws of nature. He used knowledge to explain everything. He knew that working was the most fundamental thing. It determines your society. He said that economics was the most fundamental thing. The Economic Mode of economic production is how a society produces. Marx also thought that work is the most important thing that takes up most of your time. "It shaped you," according to Marx, and economics determines the shape of your society as well. Economic Determinism is what he called it. Marx said, "It is not your conscience that determines your existence, rather it is your social existence that determines your consciousness." Just like the foundation of a building determines everything. .
             Marx had his own "Theory of the Business Cycle." Capitalist will fill demand. They had open factories, higher wages, and the economy is booming, but of course there is a problem. Demand is greater (>) than supply, and there is no way to figure out the supply. Know one was managing the economy and people still had expenses. The Rule of Capitalism, "You have to invest." Today this quote is irrelevant because know one knows when the market will go bad. Today the government takes a role in the economy and only the wealthy own the Nation's economy. In a typical Capitalist Society competition is everything. Technology is expensive and companies needed to compete. He knew that wages would be low and safety conditions would be minimal. Marx thought there would be rich and a few poor. Many companies take their companies overseas because workers will work for a lot cheaper. A ludditer is someone who denies progress. And according to the defenders of Capitalism, "Magic of the Market Place," is what Ronald Regan called it. He said that they were the first to have free enterprise. He thought that the enterprise system gave people incentive to produce more.

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