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             Volumes and volumes could be written about communism, but in fact, the actual Communist Manifesto is a mere forty pages. Karl Marx, the principal former of communism as we know it now, later wrote many books fulfilling the outline or skeleton of communism, which is the Communist Manifesto. Communism cannot be summed up in one sentence, but it can be summed up in ten main ideas, sort of like the Ten Commandments of true communism. We know communism did not work, because of one main reason: it defies human nature and human rights. Although communism in different countries and years might differ, the following is an outline of what is done to have a communist government as described in length in the Communist Manifesto: 1. All private property has to be annihilated and turned into public property. This means that all property will go to the government (who knows how greedily they will use it) and distributed fairly within all the masses. Later on this part also included food, clothes and personal items to be distributed evenly in rations like the property was, but Marx did not say this in his manifesto. 2. A large progressive income tax. This made it so that everyone receives almost the same income; of course this does not include the aristocracy, which Marx was not thinking of or was he? 3. This one is simple: abolition of right of inheritance. Basically the money goes to the government once again and they are suppose to use it to benefit the country. 4. Property of emigrants and rebels is taken away, and sent to the government who are meant to use it for the benefit of the country. 5. All of the people's money in the country is in one national bank and in the hands of the state. Who knows what might happen to the money in the bank? 6. Communication and transportation is in the hands of the state. This basically means no free speech; the government takes the right to censor any publications and thoughts, like ones against the government.

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