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             Karl Marx is a critic of the capitalist aspect of civil society. He focuses heavily on what he refers to as the alienated and exploited working class and in the same vein of thought, the unscrupulous and domineering owner class. He also shares his vision of a better society in which the workers become the owners of the products they produce. .
             There are several parts of Marx's theories that I disagree with. One of Marx's main arguments for a Communist society is the current alienation of workers. However, I don't see workers as being alienated from their products, or from themselves and others. Often people who work in labor have a pride in the products they produce. I have several friends who work construction, and although they build brand new houses all day long, they still go home to various apartments and basement rooms. If you ask them about their work they will talk at length on how they enjoy it, and how rewarding it is to see the new homeowners come watch the progress of the house being built. I also have a friend who builds guitars and another who builds computers, both of whom will say they like nothing more than to make things for other people and get paid for it. .
             As far as the laborer being alienated from his self and others, I just don't buy that. On the assumption that the laborer is indeed exploited heavily, that doesn't mean the alienation he receives from his employer is going to carry through to his private life. When I worked long hours at my old job and felt under-appreciated, it in no way affected my ability to think introspectively and better know myself. Just because I am not working at my full potential does not mean I am somehow being deprived of essential life force. The same goes for understanding other people. Lack of appreciation at work does not turn workers into dullards. An unemployed man knows just as much as he did when he had a job, and a content employee has just as much understanding of the world around him as he does when he enjoys his job.

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