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a thousand acre

            The book A Thousand Acres by Jane Smiley, is consist of scenes that contribute to the content of the book. A Thousand Acres portrays a family that is broken a part by their fathers inconsiderate decisions and actions. The unknown secrets that was kept hidden and forgotten are finally unraveled to the reader. The reader will realize pain and suffering that Ginny and Rose had experience while they were growing up on a thousand acre farm in Zebulon County, Iowa. Each character trying to live their an ordinary country farming life, but life would never be the same when family members turn their back on each other causing a change reaction unleashing nothing but miseries.
             Living in denial, Ginny live her life without any memories of her past, memories that are better off forgotten then remember. As a young teenager, she experience a horriffied incident with a men that she wish never had occur. It could be anyone in the world but it had to be her own father Larry. No one would ever expect the truth that Larry Cook is a men without any dignity, a men who would molest his own child, a men who would violently destroy his own daughter's childhood. Ginny was only a teenager when her father would silently at night creep to her room and seduce her. Young and clue-less, Ginny was convince that it is her responsibility to pleasure her father but soon it came to her realization that what was going on wasn't right. Unfortunately it was a little bit to late to acknowledge the truth because there is nothing she can do to change her past. Unfortunately Ginny continued to have sexual inter-coarse with her father assuming that he wouldn't molest her younger sister Rose. Turns out everything Ginny did was useless, Rose was enable to escape the faith her father has chosen for her.
             Rose unlike her older sister would never allow herself to forget the moments when late at night her father would enter her room.

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