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A Thousand Acres

            Shakespeare's plays over the past years have been used as models for other books such as "A Thousand Acres" and , authors of these books use his plays as guides and alter them to become more up to date stories with certain apparent messages for the new generation. Jane Smiley, the author of "A Thousand Acres" used the same theme of the play "King Lear", however she changed some portions of the story that made it more realistic to our time. She incorporated scenes of child abuse and rape changing the message of family betrayal the play "king Lear" had. The changes transformed the story into one where the victims of the abuse were the daughters and not the father since their father abused them in disturbing ways. Jane Smiley changed the story to capture the reader while showing her opinion and concern on such issues that she thought were worth incorporating to the story. The sexual abuse of Ginny and Rose by their father Larry Cook and the affects of such harsh happenings were key aspects Jane emphasized on displaying extensive events showing certain reactions consequences of the abuse. Ginny the oldest daughter who plays the part of Goneril in "A Thousand Acres" is displayed to be completely different from how Goneril is in "King Lear" where she is not a nice person with many psychological problems. The character transformation of Goneril in .
             the book is a key point, because it shows the changes her character had since she was abused.
             As the book begins Ginny describes her daily chores. "I was cooking for three households-for my father, who insisted on living alone in our old farmhouse, for Rose and her husband, in their house across the street from daddy and also for my husband my morning at the stove started before five and didn't end until eight-thirty". The character of Ginny as seen in this quote is very helpful and giving. She says how she cooked for three households without complaining even though the amount of work was unbearable as she worked from early hours in the morning till night.

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