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hills like white elephants

            Ernest Hemingway a writer a volunteer, an idol to many. Born in the windy city of Chicago in 1899, and his father a doctor. Hemingway grew up in a middle high class neighborhood. A man of great heart and guts; he was a volunteer ambulance driver in Italy during world war I. in which he injured his leg. He was a very bright man spent many years of his life traveling different places and countries across the world. He moved to Paris in early 1920's also traveled to Spain where he found inspiration for his first novel; The Sun Also rises (1926), and many stories about the very popular Spanish sport of bullfighting. Back in the U.S. he trained as a reporter for a local newspaper. He lobed to write short stories and novels. Works like For Whom The Bells Toll, The Sun Also Rises, and Hills Like White Elephants earned him a great audience and eventually a Nobel Prize in literature in 1954. In this explication I chose to talk about Ernest Hemingway's Hills Like White Elephants. We"ll analyze and discuss this story in detail and give a comparison to William Blake's poem The Chimney Sweeper.
             Hills Like White Elephants is a shirt story that deals with a life and death dilemma, lived by a young couple (boyfriend, girlfriend). This couple seems to be traveling to another city to have a painful, life threatening and possibly traumatic medical procedure on one of the individuals. The dilemma is whether to go through with the procedure that could en the problem or the can face the consequences and brace themselves for what is to come in the near future, because in 9 months, approximately, a child will be born or will it? An abortion in the early 1920's was not as easy, heck, abortion as a word, was hard to pronounce back then, let alone have one done.
             Abortion still is a very sensitive issue in today's modern world. Just the word itself carries a lot of stress and raises controversy. I can't imagine how heavier this word sounded back in the 1920's when morals and principles were abundant among the young man and woman of society.

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