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Kate Chopin "The Storm"

            Although the story, The Storm, refers to the cyclone storm happening outside while Calixta and Alcee are performing the act of adultery. It could be foreshadowing the up coming events in the future, between the happy marriages of Calixta with Bobinot and Alcee with Clarissa. The act of adultery will catch up with them and tear their marriages apart; adultery is a sin. Chopin may portray women seeking sexual and professional independence, she is showing sins of society; things women should not do because it's wrong. Chopin's stories of adultery stirred up the critics in the 19th century because they were stories of sin. .
             Chopin decided to portray women committing adultery, which is sin, and make it seem ok to commit sin. In her story, The Storm, Chopin portrays Calixta committing sin when her husband and son are away with a past love, Alcee. Her story is foreshadowing the upcoming events that are going to happen to both marriages when the other party finds out about the affair. Chopin tries to portray adultery as a way of life and that everyone does it, critics would refer to neglect the idea that adultery happens and choose not to accept her stories of adultery. The story is telling readers, what goes around comes around; sooner or later the happy marriages between the two couples will interfere with the affair and Calixta and Alcee will get caught. .
             It's very ironic that after committing the act of adultery, Calixta and Alcee go about their lives as if the act had never happened. Calixta is making a feast for her husband and son and Alcee is writing to his wife, Clarissa, to take a longer vacation and that she should not worry about him. The irony is the term marriage means, a man and woman sharing a life together and no one else; in the contract of marriage, adultery is forbidden and consequences will come from it. Chopin's story of The Scarlet Letter is a very good example, the woman was found performing the act of adultery when the widow got pregnant.

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