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Granting the Right to Die

             At current status, taking the life of another person is considered murder, illegal and penalized by law. The process of euthanasia, though comes from a good intention to help the patients, involves the death of another man by the hands of the doctors. Therefore, it is illegal to perform such a duty even if it is requested by the patients in their dying beds. It leads to a question whether the law should be changed for patients suffering from extreme pain and haunted by the unavoidable end, death, can have an option to be uplifted from all the suffering, a choice to die or not. For certain circumstances such as, patients suffering from terminal illness or injuries, granting the usage of euthanasia in addition to the doctors' normal practice is an action that is more morally justified and more beneficial to the patients themselves and therefore should be legalized in all states.
             Jack Kevorkian believes that doctors should perform such a duty as euthanasia if the patients choose to end their lives when there are no other means to avoid death. He took his belief to action as he assisted the suicide process of a patient, who was suffering from Alzheimer; having exhausted any means of cure; willing to end her life before she met the late stage of the disease (Kevorkian). However, it's arguable that the requests for euthanasia are very often a cry for help and should not be taken at face value. Often the initial shock of the diagnosis and the fear of the disease process may be overwhelming. To offer euthanasia as a solution to these problems robs these people of the chance to deal with their new life situation. .
             When people are sick, especially when they are terminally ill, they may at times want to die. However, in most circumstances such feelings are responses to loneliness or pain. Therefore, the patients might not be choosing to die under clear thinking.

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