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tales of fourth grade nothing

            Living with his little brother, Fudge, makes Peter Hatcher feel like a fourth grade nothing. Whether its throwing a temper tantrum in the show store, smearing his food on the walls at the hamburger store, or colouring on his brothers homework, 2 year old Fudge is never far from trouble. Hes a little toddler terror who gets away with everything- and I mean everything. When Fudge walks of with his 4th grade brother,Peter, ''s pet turtle, its the last straw! Peters hold up with Fudge is too long, How can he tell his parents that he wants too be loved as much as Fudge for a change? It''s all answered in this Judy Blume classic, Good for 3-5th graders.
             Peter has a big problem, his little brother Fudge.The setting of the story is in a town.The characters are believable because some kids never want to go shopping with their mom and little brother and some kids have to be entertained at a three year old''s birthday party.The main character is likeable because he is nice and funny.I liked the story because it is so interesting and exciting that when I needed to stop reading I wouldn''t take an eye off of it.My favorite part was when Fudge got another Picture Dictonary.What I learned from this book is never to leave your homework in a place where a three year old can get ahold of it.I would recommend this book to a friend because there''s always something new going on and you never want to put the book down.If a friend likes this book he or she would also like The One In The Middle Is The Green Kangaroo, Otherwise Known as Sheila The Great,and Fudge Amania.
             I read this book when I was in fourth or fifth grade. Now I''m 26, but I still remember this little gem well. Peter Warren Hatcher has many problems, but his biggest one is his little brother, whom everyone calls "Fudge" Everyone likes Fudge, because he''s the cute one, but when Fudge becomes a little monster, everyone looks to Peter to solve the problems.

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