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fifth business

             Transformations are phases that occurs for the better or worse. Transformation can be seen in every aspect of life, place, or anything of matters. In Webster's revised dictionary, transformation is defined as "a change of form or condition" (Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary). In Robertson Davies" novel Fifth Business, transformation can be seen in various ways. It can be seen through the settings of the novel, the development of characters and religious aspect of the novel.
             The life of Dunstan Ramsey changes as he exposes himself to different variation of environments. Dunstan's home changes from a peaceful town of Deptford into the violent and killing fields of World War two. .
             "It was called Deptford and lay on the Thames River about fifteen miles east of Pittstown, our county town and nearest big place. We had an official population of about five hundred, and the surrounding farms probably brought the district up to eight hundred souls.".
             (Davies, 9).
             The description of Deptford in which the author gives is of a harmonious place adequate for seeking peace and solitude. Dunstan tries to escape from Deptford to conceal his guilt for Mrs. Dempster and distant himself from his parents by joining the army. The environment in which he is used to changes as soon as he set foot in battle.
             "This was fighting we lived in trenches, in dung-coloured mud into which dung and every filthiness had been trodden, in our dung-coloured uniforms; we were cold, badly fed, and lousy." (Davies, 67) .
             The environment of Deptford is different from that of World War two mainly due to the changes in condition that the settings undergo. Dunstan home or place of settlement changes from Deptford to a battlefield which are contrasting settings.
             Dunstan war days were over when he was hit by a flare after cleaning out a German machine gun nest. Dunstan stayed at a Buckinghamshire hospital where he was pampered by Diana who later on became his girlfriend.

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