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Fifth Business

            Boy goes through a lot of phases during the book Fifth Business. Dunstan notes, in one part of the book that he goes through a phase during which one might question his sexuality. Dunstan calls this phase "Corporation Homosexuality". He claims that for a short amount of time that Boy was, "certainly unconscious" and met personally with young, clean cut men to discuss the ins and outs of business and then after the meeting he would attempt to push the young man forward in his company. Some of the young men that Boy would push forward in his "empire" would get independent and ungrateful to Boy and thus would be pushed back down the totem pole. The ones that were grateful to Boy and were still loyal to him after the meeting were given a pretty high position but never one with a lot of power. Dunstan refers even to Greek mythology in describing this situation, he compares, and "they were business associates with an overtone of Jove's cup-bearer that I, at least, could not ignore. Corporation Ganymede, they did not know their role?" (172).
             Davies expects that the reader already has an understanding of who Ganymede is. Ganymede was a character in Greek mythology, a male, whose beauty was only matched by the likes of Adonis. One day Ganymede caught the eye of the King of Olympus, Zeus. What many do not know is that Zeus was a bi-sexual. Greek mythology implies that Zeus was struck by the beauty of Ganymede and thus kidnapped him and took him into a cave. No one dares to guess what went on in that one private meeting, but after the meeting, Zeus was so pleased with Ganymede that he made him an immortal. Even though Ganymede was an immortal, he was never a god or goddess or even close to that. He had the menial task of filling up the wine glasses of all of those who dwelled on Mt. Olympus.
             So, Davies is implying that Boy is the almighty Zeus in this case. The grateful young men were Ganymede, and whatever happened in the office/cave?let's just not discuss that.

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