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Hagar's Pride

            As society progresses one might wonder why we still live in a world full of obscenity. Can people live a life full of prurience and bring nothing angelic into their lives? The novel "The Stone Angel" by Margaret Laurence, conveys a character named Hagar who lives her whole life ultimately driven by pride. In her life, she ends up having a horrible marriage and also a poor relationship with her children. Not only does she have bad relationships within the family she also keeps herself distant from society. Hagar's true nature of pride is the reason for why nothing positive ever came into her life. .
             It is Hagar's nature of pride that strikingly leads to the destruction of her marriage. For example, she feels despondency over the death of Bram's favourite horse, but she combats all perception of giving her voice to the emotion that hides within her.
             " "Did you find him?" I asked. "No," he replied brusquely. Seeing Bram's hunched shoulders, and the look on his face, all at once I walked over to him without pausing to ponder whether I should or not, or what to say" (87). This quote evidently proves that although Hagar feels sorrow over the death of Bram's favourite horse she cannot put her emotions into words because such expressions is regarded as "betrayal", to be resisted and tamed. Hagar considers it as betrayal because if she becomes emotional to the death of Bram's horse, her pride will be ruined. Hagar's pride is the main reason that both Bram and her misunderstand. This miscommunication due to Hagar's pride brings nothing positive into the marriage and leads to the destruction of their relationship. The destruction of their relationship can also be foreshadowed with the quote on page fifty-one. " but when we entered, Bram handed me a cut-glass decanter with a silver top. "This here's for you, Hagar." I took it so casually, and laid it aside, and thought no more about it" (51).

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