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Compare the Educational Systems of Great Britain and Canada

            Compare the Educational Systems of Great Britain and Canada.
             Education is one of the main concerns of a nation .A country always tries to provide the best opportunities for its people in order that they can study, develop and later be helpful to the society.
             The best way to study a country's educational system or even few systems is by comparing them and finding their differences and similarities.
             The education, both, in Great Britain and Canada has long history. And since, Canada is part of the Commonwealth of Nations, Britain had great influence upon Canada and in particular upon its educational system. That is why both systems resemble so much. .
             In Great Britain and Canada education is a public concern. Under the Canadian Constitutional Act the organization and administration of public education are provincial responsibilities. The responsibility for education in England rests on the secretary of state for education. The secretaries for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are responsible for preuniversity education in their countries. Primary and secondary education is local responsibility. .
             In the UK primary education is free and compulsory from age five to eleven. Elementary education in Canada is also free and children are required by law to attend school from age of six or seven until they are fifteen or sixteen. This is elementary plus secondary education. In the UK secondary education is for children of age eleven to nineteen, but it is free and compulsory to age sixteen. .
             In some provinces in Canada children can go to kindergarten at the age of four before starting elementary school at age of six. In the UK there is a pre-school education which is available at age of two to four or five through playgroups and nursery schools. Of course both in the UK and Canada there are private schools, but this sector is very small.
             The secondary education in Great Britain (eleven to sixteen/nineteen) consists of grammar or comprehensive schools and secondary modern schools.

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