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little red

             The Wolf is in all of use. .
             In the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood, a little girl is going to her grandmother's house. She comes across a wolf that shows her a way to grandmother's house. Then later he gets to grandmother's house and kills grandma and Little Red Riding Hood. In the movie Freeway the theme is basically the same but there are more wolves than you would think. Although Bob Wolverton appears sneaky, sly and deadly like the wolf in the fairy tale, Larry, the police officers and Vanessa are as sneaky, sly and deadly as the wolf in the fairy tale.
             In the movie " Freeway " Kiefer Sutherland plays the part of Bob Wolverton . Bob stops to help Vanessa, played by Reese Witherspoon, after her car had broken down. By not showing her his sharp teeth, Bob seems to come off as being a nice guy. He tells her " your car has had it " (Freeway), and offers her a ride to Las Angeles, while telling her that he is a counselor for emotionally disturbed boys and willingly listens to her woe. Vanessa likes Bob and even tells him that she trusts him completely. Bob starts wanting to know about the explicit sex she had with her stepfather, and she smells a wolf. Bob turns out to be a serial killer, wanted for killing a number of prostitutes on the freeway, where he is known as the I-5 Killer. Bob was just like the wolf in" Little Red Riding Hood" waiting on the trail to grandmothers. After he pulls a razor blade on Vanessa and cuts off her ponytail and calls her a slut, she pulls a gun on Bob and shoots him in the head for dead. Bob wasn't killed just badly disfigured. By the end of the movie Bob ends up at grandmother's house, before Vanessa does and kills grandma. When Vanessa finally shows up at grandma's she finds Bob in bed and says one of those famous lines from the fairy tale " What big teeth you have " (Little Red Riding Hood).

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