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             This research paper explores the general constellation of feelings Americans have toward beauty, aging, and cosmetic. In the following pages, this research attempt to shear findings regarding the degree to which maintaining and attractive and youthful appearance is important to Americans "and the lengths men and women will go to stay attractive. This will also explore common stereotypes about beauty, partially with regard to aging and genders. One other crucial objective is to captures American attitudes toward aging, cosmetic and examines the attitudes of people who either have use cosmetic potion and vitamins. One attitude apparently not endorsed by the majority of American is that, as they age, men grow more disguised looking whereas women just grow older looking. In fact, only three in ten, 28% men and 32% women believed this is the case. A mere 6% believes the opposite. Rather, most 65% of men, and 60% of women believe men and women age gracefully, or just grow old looking, in the same measure. .
             Average American thinks he/she is above average in physical attractiveness. Given the scale of 1 to 10, on average, give themselves score of 6.5. In fact, men and women are remarkably similar in their assessments of themselves. The age men and women think they will reached their peak of physical attractiveness is in their early middle age, 38 years old, on average. Interestingly, as they get older, they think their peak of attractiveness is older, too.
             As we get older we seems to be more aware of how we look. Most of us than become the consumer, who often would visits a cosmetic counter, there are hundreds of cosmetics for sale that should put plastic surgeons out of business! These products, proclaim, can "significantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and just about any skin imperfection that would prevent you from looking like a module display on the boxes. For example, take Gillian Anderson (my favorite), or whomever you consider to have perfect-looking skin.

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