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The Wisdom of Great Chiefs

            Kent Newburn wrote, "The Wisdom of the Great Chiefs". This is one of the classic wisdoms from the New World Library and was published in 1994 in Sanrafael, California.
             Who are the real Americans? Even though time has passed, the author tells us how the "white man" tried to change the Indians beliefs, and moved onto their land taking total control. The author also shows how the Indians can't trust the "white man". The "white man" came onto the Indian lands and tried to change the Indians" views of Christianity. Indians are not wild animals as thought by the "white man". The Indians always put their people first, but would help the white man if they thought they could trust them. The "white man" moved onto the Indians land and pushed them further into the wilderness after the finding of gold. .
             Newburn uses the Chief's speeches to support his arguments. The Indians wanted to be treated the way they treated others. The author show's the readers the suffering used in the chiefs" dialog. Chief Red Jacket says, "We do not wish to destroy your religion or to take it from you. We only want to enjoy our own." The Indians worshipped the great spirits from above and when the "white man" came, they pushed Christianity. The Indians get their beliefs and traditions from their forefathers, and live by what they know. .
             Chief Seattle says," We may be brothers after all, we shall see." How could the Indians trust the "white man" if they keep stabbing them in the back? At first the "white man" said that they would not take up too much land, but that was not true. The Indians" land and animals were taken away. .
             The author shows in Chief Joseph's speech how the "white man" came to their land and moved them out. As they moved in, they discovered gold. The Indians welcomed them by giving them food and shelter, and in return the "white man" pushed them out and initiated battle.

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