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Lord of the flies

             The book, Lord of the Flies, deals with changes that a group of British boys undergo as they gradually adapt to the isolated freedom from society. Two main characters show different reactions to the freedom that the island gives them. Jack Merridew begins as an arrogant and self-righteous leader of a choir. Later on, the freedom of the island allows him to further develop the darker side of his personality as the chief of a savage tribe. Piggy is an educated boy who has grown up as an outcast, the cause is mainly due to his appearance. However, because of his academic childhood, he is more mature than the other boys on the island, which helps him maintain his civilized behavior. His experiences on the island give him a more realistic understanding of the cruelty possessed by some people, especially that of Jack. The experiences of the two boys on the island make them go through some changes. However, the changes experienced by one boy differ from those endured by the other. This is because of the physical and mental differences between them. .
             Jack is the leader of the choir and one of the older boys on the island. Jack, unlike Piggy, is very tall, and thin. His height and authority match his arrogant personality. His desire to be Chief is clearly visible in his first appearance, as he leads his choir along the beach.
             "The boy who controlled them was dressed in the same way though his cap badge was golden. When his party was about 10 yards from the platform he shouted an order and they halted gasping, sweating, swaying in the fierce light."(19-20).
             When Ralph brought up the idea of a chief, Jack is the first to response. .
             "I ought to be chief,'said Jack with simple arrogance, "because I"m chapter chorister and head boy. I can sing C sharp." (22) .
             This was at the beginning when Jack doesn't think that power and viciousness could make him become chief. This was a Jack who was afraid of killing pigs, and who seems to be interested in the rules at the assemblies.

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