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Effects of marijuana smoke

             Within my life, smoking "pot" or marijuana has had quite an effect on my life in many aspects. One of the main truths that many people never think about before they smoke marijuana is that it kills ALOT of brain cells, which in turn effects your life in many ways. Your speech is changed, schoolwork, work ethic in general, and makes many people only look forward to smoking when their day begans and ends. One of the only ways to really make someone quit is the way that made me, getting caught by the police. .
             Starting off, the first time I smoked was the middle of my freshmen year. At that time I really had no clue on the effects of it, all of my friends just told me it makes you happy and thats about it. One thing that was really hard for me to realize was, the people who would continue to tell me that it doesnt effect you negatively were people who smoked all the time. Noones see's their own personal faults, and overlook the fact that you really do change in ways that one would never think about, only until its too late. .
             Furthermore, after not smoking for a while one thing I noticed is that it really does change your speech. Not just your conversations become quite dull, but that it starts to wear down your emotions making the words that come out of your mouth much more negative. I noticed that I starting to swear alot more since I beginned smoking and had problems being happy in general. Sure smoking would make me happy for a small amount of time, but the larger portion of the time I never really felt that great. Still too this day I"m probably not as happy of a person and I would have been or could have been because I starting smoking.
             Along those lines, my work ethic deteriorated. I found myself lazing around the house most of the time rather than doing important things like weight lifting or doing schoolwork. Work ethic is one of the most important things in life, and being that I didn't like to work all the time, Even to this day I have a hard time staying concentrated and focused on 1 single thing at a time.

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