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             "we hold these truths self evident that all me n are created equal, hey are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life liberty and the pursuit of happiness." Our country is based on this phrase and the declaration of independence. All men are created equal is one of the first phrase that an elementary student hears when he/ she first learns about our country. When the Declaration of Independence was written, men were considered as white landowners above the age of 21, but life has changed. Throughout the two hundred years of American existence, equality has come under fire. From the color of one's skin, to the ideas they believe in to their gender. The Supreme Court has dealt with these cases to the best of their ability, but have we really achieved true equality is the word equality just a billboard on the sides of the international freeway.
             Equality is a subject that can be defined in infinite ways. The dictionary's infamous definition interprets equality a shaving the same of a certain quality. The supreme courts however has define equal in "separate but equal facilities" in the case of colored and white schools in the 1960's as having the same value of education, but were the facilities equal? No. The books used in colored school were used and outdated, the facilities were rundown some even condemned, also the amount of funding for extracurricular activities was little to nonexistent. Well you say that problem has been fixed and everything is equal now. but is it? If school were equal, wouldnt the range of standardized test scores be more finite. Studies have shown that school districts that are more economically well off tend to get better grades. Why? Because the y can afford to buy more materials, they can afford to hire more teachers for smaller class sizes and they can afford to lure better teachers with higher salaries. .

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