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That eye the sky

             The Novel That Eye The Sky by Tim Winton is about the Flack family consisting of Sam and Alice, their children, and Tegwyn and Morton. The story is located in the outback of Australia, they live on a farm where it is isolated from everything else.
             In the opening scene of the novel, we find out straight away that Sam had a car crash and is in a coma. Due to this incident, gradually through out the novel we find the details of each character and how this incident gradually pulled the family apart. The Flacks including Ort's mother Alice, his sexy sister Tegwyn and his lonely, grandmother are poor settlers in the Outback. As the family is falling apart , Ort hopes for a miracle that will cure his father. Then when a stranger, Henry Warburton who is an evangelist comes into the story and helps the Flack family. Alice is attracted to Warburton, who helps care for Sam and preaches about christianity even while he's having his way with Tegwyn. A crisis looms, and its unforeseen effects end the wrenching story that proves love like Ort's can prevail against hell itself.
             Through the eyes of Ort we experience what is life like in the outback and we see the story of the Flack family slowly unfold from his point of view. The ending is a strange surreal note and the reader is left to make a choice. I thoroughly enjoyed this book except the ending was a bit twisted, other than that it is a great book, I would rate this book 3.5 stars out of 5.

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