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The Skateboarder

            As I look into the mirror at the horrific fist sized bruise on my hip, I think about how I could have made that jump. The pain of the bruise does not phase me, but the pain of failure does. I am a skateboarder, otherwise known as a skater, Betty, a boarder, or a Bubble Gum Rider. To many skateboarders, skating is like a release. We skate because it is fun and it gets unwanted troubles off of our minds. A skateboarder is someone who is dedicated, has a unique sense of style, and is very courageous. .
             Skateboarding is not easy. It's like being an artist- it is a natural talent. Either you are a great skater or a bad skater. Of course, everyone starts out not knowing what to do, but if one is a natural, they will pick up the sport very easily. Although someone can be good, they can be great with dedication. They keyword of skateboarding is "practice". One can't just go out onto the street and do an Ollie. (An Ollie is when one uses the weight of their body and the force of gravity to flip the board into the air with your feet on top of it.) Dedication is what every boarder needs in order to become more talented at this extreme sport.
             There is a typical stereotype for all skateboarders: scraggly hair, baggy clothes and skate shoes. This kind of style is expressed by street skaters, people who skate in downtown areas of cities and in deserted parking lots. Indoor park skaters have a somewhat different style. They wear name brand skate clothes like Vans, Ezekiel, DVS, and Element. Sometimes these skaters are considered as "posers" or people who just skate for the label rather than the sport. The last kind of skater is the expert. These boarders identify themselves by showing off a more laid back look with a mix of an early "90's style. They normally skate homemade ramps or at an outdoor skate park that was specifically built for the professionals. With all the different kinds of skateboarders and styles that they possess, the bravery and the courage in which they have is what really counts.

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