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Newtons Laws in Skateboarding

             Newtons first law states that "An object at rest will remain at rest, and a moving object will remain at a constant velocity unless a outside force is acted upon it." This can be related to skateboarding in many different ways the most obvious one being the "push" the method skaters use to gain velocity. Bearings are the most important tool used to keep the skateboard in a steady motion, The best bearings have the least friction, therefore the ideal bearing would be frictionless. Although there are not any frictionless bearings in the world there are ones that have allowed skating to be taken to new levels because they create very little friction allowing the skater to optimize and maintain the perfect speed. .
             The type of ground also has a great effect on how long the board will stay in motion. If it is a rough surface the friction will be greater because the bumps and curves on the ground will act against the forward motion of the skateboarder. If it is a smooth surface a skateboarder will find it much easier to maintain a steady speed as well as his or her balance. .
             A common practice in skateboarding is to use the force of gravity as a means of acceleration. Obstacles such as Quarter pipes and flat banks are often used in small parks when run way is limited to gain speed when aproaching another obstacle or ramp. The formula v=gt can be used to describe this. Where v is the final velocity of the person after the fall g is the force of gravity or "9.8 m/s squared" and t represents the time falling. so if a person where to go down a ramp for 2 seconds when they hit a flat surface they would be going aproxamatly 19.6 meters per second. Things that would vary the results would be the condition of the surfaces, friction comes into play at this point.
             Newtons second law (F=ma).
             Force = mass x acceleration is Newtons second law. This in laymans terms means that the amount of force or "umpf" an object has depends on how much it weighs and how fast it is going.

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