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            Isaac Newton Isaac Newton was born on January fourth, 1643 (Christmas Day on the Julian calendar). He was born in the small village of Woolsthrope, Lincolnshire. He was born prematurely and was not expected to live more than a couple of days. Robert Newton, Isaac's father, died three months before Isaac was born not giving him a chance to see his unborn son. At the age of three, in 1645, Isaac's mother, Hannah, remarried to a wealthy clergyman, Reverend Barnabas Smith. She left Isaac with his grandmother so he could stay with the farm and the Woolsthrope Manor. Hanna moved to North Witham to live with her new husband. While staying with his grandmother, Isaac went to the village school where he learned how to read and write. Newton wasn't your ordinary kid; he didn't make friends and was not interested in physical activity. He was great at building models, drawing, and making diagrams of certain things that he made. At the age of twelve Isaac went to King's School until Mrs. Smith widowed again because of Reverend Smith's death. Mrs. Smith then moved back to the farm to continue to carry out the family duties. In this process she took Isaac out of school so that he would help on the farm. Isaac wasn't much of a farmer. He was more concentrated on mathematics and mechanics. He made many drawings and paintings. He also made model clocks and many other things that interested him. This was brought to Isaac's mother's attention when Isaac's grandfather told Hannah that Isaac was a "gifted child" and that his talent shouldn't be wasted on farming. He was then enrolled back in King's School to continue with his studies. Isaac's mother asked her brother, Reverend William Ayscough, to see if Isaac had the potential to enroll in Trinity College a part of Cambridge University. From Reverend Ayscoughs observations he found that Isaac had the skill to go to the College. In 1661 he started in Trinity College.

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