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issac Newton

             Isaac Newton was a magnificent scientist and mathematician who was born into a farming family. Three months before Isaac was born his father also named Isaac died from a severe illness. Being a premature baby, Isaac's risk of dying was significantly increased. At the age of three he was sent to live with his grandmother, since his mother (Hannah Newton) remarried and Isaac basically became an orphan. Unfortunately he was a very sickly child, also smaller and physically weaker then most the kids. He couldn't actively play any games with the other kids; therefore, he would amuse himself by building mechanical toys like wooden clocks, sundials, and mouse powered flour mills. He loved to read and kept a journal of his interesting observations. Even before he entered school, Isaac studied the suns motion by tracking its path across the yard and walls. Isaac was not as you would say people orientated. Isaac's grandfather (James Ayscough) and Isaac were like oil and water, they couldn't get along no matter what it was. When James passed away not a single penny was left in his will for Isaac. At the age of nine Isaac wrote up a list of sins he committed over the years which most of them were harmless regardless of two of them. The two of the sins that were quite revealing were, "Threatening my farther and mother Smith to burn them and the house over them" and "Wishing death and hoping it to some" . Losing his mother ate away at the inside of Isaac like emotional cancer; in result, his temper was volatile. The start of Isaac's schooling was not what you would expect from such an intelligent young child.
             Isaac started his education at the age of eleven, attending a village school that he walked back and forth from. At the age of twelve he entered King's school at Grantham. His house was several miles away, so Hannah arranged for Isaac to live with one of her good friends Mr. Clark, a local apothecary.

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