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The Illegal Epiphany

             Marijuana, dope, weed, pot, however one desires to call it, should be legalized throughout the United States for it's many medicinal purposes and moderate recreational use. Studies show that it is not as detrimental as government propaganda promotes, many alleged dangers of marijuana are unproven accusations. Medical research has confirmed many positive uses other than mere recreational enjoyment. .
             Critics state that marijuana is a "gateway" drug and that it leads to harder drugs like cocaine and heroin. However, a lot of marijuana smokers have smoked pot for a long time and have never tried anything harder. According to a national survey by the United States Department of Health and Human Services, 57 percent of all illicit drug users report that marijuana is the only drug they have ever used. This figure rises to 77 percent if hashish (a more concentrated form of marijuana) is included. Although it is often true that when surveying cocaine or heroin addicts, it is generally the case that cannabis was their first illegal drug of choice. Just because there is an association between starting with pot and moving onto heroin or cocaine, this doesn't mean that there is a casual relationship. One could just as easily say that alcohol is a "gateway" substance, as most heroin or cocaine addicts have touched alcohol at some point in their lives as well. The inevitability of hard drug use following on from smoking weed is a myth. Yes, it has happened in some cases, but that is the variety of life and will continue to happen whether or not weed is legalized.
             Medical history shows that no one has ever died from an overdose of cannabis. The amount needed to kill a person compared to the amount needed to get a person high is roughly ten thousand times as much, maybe more. One would have to smoke 1,500 pounds of marijuana in less than 15 minutes to attain a lethal dose, which is physically impossible.

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