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Criminological Theories - Empire

            The movie "Empire" is a dramatization of the life in the shoes of one of four heroin dealers in the New York City area known as South Bronx. It is a story told by Victor Rosa, the main character referred to by many as Vic, as the viewer follows him around the city. The movie begins by naming all the main drug dealers and their territories across the South Bronx region, Victor's territory noticeably bigger than the others. Out of the four competitors, we only see one that Victor has any trouble with later in the movie and that is the drug dealer known as Tito. Tito is another successful, Hispanic drug dealer who sells his product in the territory just south of Victor. Due to the location of these two territories it isn't uncommon to see a pedlar cross into another dealers area of sales. The first outbreak of violence between the two gangs erupts after Victor is informed by an appointed leader in his crew that one of Tito's men had been witnessed selling their product across the "invisible line". Usually these gang leaders wouldn't handle business themselves but when it comes to cutting into their profits, that is when the leader of the crew must make a statement by taking matters into their own hands. Victor and two of his men show up on the street corner where they find Tito's men continuing to push their product. The two members Victor arrived with proceed to raise their weapons at two of the opposing members keeping them at bay while Victor vigorously beats the one holding the product and cash, the same pedlar who had crossed the line. When he is finished he tells the opposing crew why it was necessary to be handled that way and then takes their stash and leaves the block. Later on, Tito finds out that Victor had shown up and is very upset at the fact his men overstepped the boundaries that he and the leaders of each gang had agreed upon. This is mainly in part to the fact that he and the other gang leaders had agreed to be civil with one another and that any crew could show up wherever and attend the same establishments without any trouble.

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