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American History X and Cultural Criminology

            For many of years, various theorists have been developing theories to help explain and understand why criminal behavior occurs within society. To help better understand and explain deviancy, it is important to bridge such theories with the accompaniment of a certain quality of mind called the "criminological imagination"." Obtaining this quality of mind will help us make interconnections with various structures in society that will then allow us to make valid assumptions during our analysis of "American History X." I will work toward a well developed concept of the "criminological imagination " as a quality of mind that will be used to make sense of criminal behavior while analyzing the social realities when bridging these ideas with "American History X" to show that all aspects of society are interconnected when it comes to criminal behavior. .
             Thinking Theoretically & The Sociological Imagination.
             Ian Craib (1984) has previously affirmed that we always acknowledge theory as ending product, but we never really go further into discussion on the processes that occurred to create this end product. He embarks further that one needs to overtly engage in critical thinking and use reflexivity to create valid analyses. Being able to think theoretically during research is important in order to create valid statements. When addressing such a wide societal issue such as criminal behavior, one needs to think outside the box, and think more theoretically about the different institutions and structures that are involved and connected to personal crimes of deviance. This quality of thinking is referred to as the "sociological imagination " that has been developed by Mills. With that said, being able to connect personal criminal behaviors, to larger societal issues that have to do with criminal behavior is being able to use your criminological imagination to create such interconnections. Therefore, in order to critically use and acquire the criminological imagination, it is important to have a good understanding of what the sociological imagination is.

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