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World War II

            World War II was the most horrific war conceivable. Countless amounts of people suffered in that war while many others waited in fear for their lives and those of their loved ones. Each side had their own leaders and each leader had their own story, their own point of view of why the war was taking place. Just think, all the money wasted put towards weapons, put towards all this chaos and destruction. All of the armies were powerful but all they did was demolish lives and devastated those that still lived. It was the beginning of a terrible conflict, bigger than anyone had ever imagined.
             The war started in 1939 and ended in 1945. Six longs years of turmoil and pain which could have been easily avoided. Germany was the one who started the war but was later joined by Italy and Japan in 1940 and 1941. Then, with America and its allies, it soon became a global conflict. Many things happened during the war which were shocking and unbearable. The two sides fought hard and strong and finally the war ended but with a great price which was sadly the birth of more destruction, nuclear weapons.
             The total military and civilian casualties varied from an estimated 35 million to 60 million including about six million Jews who sadly died in the Holocaust. Millions more people were wounded and made homeless throughout the globe. Almost a million of those that served in the war were Australian, round about 3500 Australians were killed when the Bomber Command's offensive against occupied Europe. Over 30,000 Australian servicemen were taken prisoner in the World War II, and 39,000 gave their lives. It was probably the most costly war ever not to mention the most tragic one.
             Adolf Hitler and the Axis vs. Winston Churchill and the Allies, this is World War II as we know it. On one side there was the horrifying dictator who was trying to control and overpower anything he could, destroying anyone and anything that stood in his path of world domination.

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