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             Cynicism Leadership is a people business, and people invariably let you down. Anyone who has led for very long has dealt with people who were dishonest, lazy, or incompetent. Leaders also inevitably face unfair criticism. Sometimes people even abuse them verbally. At some point, people will question leaders" motives and second-guess their decisions. People who lead will also undergo failure as a matter of course.
             Cynicism 3.
             Cynical: to be distrustful or contemptuous of virtue, esp. selflessness in others; believing the worst of others, esp. that all acts are selfish; sarcastic; mocking; showing contempt for accepted standards of behaviors, esp. of honesty or morality. Imagine working with supervisors, executives etc who fit such a description. Well there actually is no need to imagine this scenario because I am living it. My boss and supervisor is the bottom of the barrel in comparison. .
             My bosses always manage to fit in an answer to a question or look to an action in the most grotesque way. Instead of trying to help answer your question or show the error in which you may be performing a duty at work they just foam at the mouth and snarl.
             These to for whom I am anonymously referring to lack proper people skills leaving them sometimes clueless to the fact they are talking down, through and over their employees.
             I ask myself where is the need in the workday for tones and attitude and I draw a blank.
             Communication is key when running any successful business. Until they realize there is no need to be cynical in an attempt to belittle their employees the turnover rate will keep increasing. I feel as if there is a monkey on my back throughout the day when my bosses continually make invalid points and suggestions when they no nothing of what they speak. .
             In conclusion I feel if my bosses could learn to drop the Napoleon Complex and communicate better with fellow coworkers and myself we would have a less stressful experience at work each day.

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