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Hotel Guest Comment

             Feedback is probably an invaluable tool in measuring how successful of the hotel has been. The most general way to receive feedback from hotel guests is filling out guest comments form. Guest comments insure guests are satisfied so they will return time again, they will also make sure that the hotel is aware of how staff is performing and if it is as the hotel expect. These comments can be divided into 3 categories according to a response from guest: No Comment, Complaint and Compliment.
             The first category, No Comment, is the most difficult to handle because the hotel will not know whether their services are reach guest's expectation making them return to the hotel or not. This category may be sub-divided into two groups. The first group contains guests who have bad impression with hotel services or facilities, they leave without voicing their frustration and never come back. The possibility of this group to spread this bad experience of the hotel to their friends or a web-board of any websites is extremely high and the hotel managements have no opportunity to explain or give any excuse for this matter. The second consists of guests who are satisfied with the services or facilities but have no time to complete the comment form.
             Complaint, the second category, is a negative comment which can be grouped into services complaint and facilities complaint. An example of services complaint, which is caused by the hotel staff, is lagging of service while an example of facilities complaint is a dirty room. Most of the complaints will be handled by the hotel managements, an apology with an explanation must be sent to guests as soon as possible to reassure that this incident will not happen to them again.
             The last category, comprising a satisfactory comment, can also be divided into services compliment and facilities compliment. The handling procedure of compliment is the same as handling complaint, sending a thank you letter with a promise to maintain high standard of services or facilities.

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