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To Sir with Love

             Mr Braithwaite's relationship with his class passed through three stages or phases. Each of which was characterised by a certain type of behaviour by the pupils. It started with the silent treatment, gradually changed to noisy treatment and after drastic intervention by Mr Braithwaite the general conduct of his pupils changed immensely and so entered the third stage.
             The second stage or the so called "noisy treatment" of the pupils" campaign was a gradual change form the first silent treatment phase yet in strong contrast with it. .
             Not all of the pupils actively took part in it, yet those who did not were in sympathy with those who did. The most common incident that regularly took place during a lesson, especially those during which it was necessary for Mr Braithwaite to speak or read, was the banging of a desk's lid. Someone would lift the lid and simply let it fall with a loud bang. Two or three of these would totally destroy a lesson. The culprit would merely sit there and look at the teacher with the world's innocence in his eyes as if it was an accident.
             The only cure Mr Braithwaite could find for this was to substitute his lesson with some sort of written assignment, they could not bang their desks and write at the same time. But because of the low academic standard of the class, he knew that he could not keep up this pointless substitution. The only way to teach these young men and woman would be by talking. Everything needed to be explained and simplified and that could only be done by word of mouth.
             Braithwaite wanted to keep his difficulties from his colleagues, especially Weston. He wanted to disprove the view that men teachers were inadequate for the job of teaching and give Weston no opportunity for gloating.
             Yet, the children's conduct only got worse until one afternoon with the sanitary napkin occurrence and Mr Braithwaite knew that things needed to change drastically.
             He had an idea, it was not clear cut, but it would put an end to this noisy treatment.

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