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do society restrains us?

            Cultures are the socially derived valued habits, a minimum set of standards designed in a way, which tells us how to behave in society to acquire those standards to survive. It can be seen in all the aspects of the culture like political, humanistic or spiritual.
             But I don't think they restricts individuals in a sense there are some things which are ought to be done as per the norms. However, if individual wants to obey as if they resist or develop contrasting point of view, they won't be able to get fit in the society then it may prove deterrent in the freedom of individual to express their own opinions.
             From very beginning as a child we are programmed to follow some social rules, which have been followed by our fathers, grandfathers. The values which has been passing from generation to generation. Like in my case I was taught to do things which are valued in Hindu culture such as rituals and worship which are dominating factors in Hindu society. .
             On the other hand, not all the cultural habits are deserved to be obeyed even if they are suppose to be obligatory in the society. Like in India, dowry system, animal sacrifice in the temples, unequal rights to females etc. however, today these wrong systems do not exists that dominatingly as they were in past, and it was possible because of people who did put forward their opinion on these habits and showed courage to condemned them. All those revolutionary people were in turn condemned by the society and made life harder for them as well as their families. But it was their effort to present their perspective on the issues and more than that they justified their position. Today we have accepted those changed habits.
             Everything we do, the way we behave, dress, talk is all influenced by the society and its our natural attitude to get along and our fear of rejection for if we go other way.

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