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             Society in general is struggling in the battle against crime. There is crime all around us including many types of violence. In particular, domestic violence, a crime considered acceptable behavior years ago, is now a huge problem. Though strict laws do exist to punish spousal abusers, the violence continues because of the weakness of female victims, the need for public education on the topic, and the laws are neither practical nor are they used properly. .
             The amount of domestic violence is increasing rather than decreasing which is directly linked to the lack of power that the victims possess. Although abused women see themselves as powerless against their husbands, one must know that they are not at fault. These women are typically powerless because their husbands have manipulated them to think that way. They are told constantly that they are stupid, fat, ugly, ignorant, and many other harmful names. Since they are called this all the time they start to believe that it is true and that they cannot live without their male counterpart. Because of this, women feel that they can not make a good living independently and that they deserve the abuse that they are receiving. Many abused women also believe that even if they did leave, no one would care for them or want to be with them except their husband. Often, these insults are accompanied by threats where the husband tells her that if she leaves or even tells anyone that he will hurt or kill her. The woman is further terrified if the husband says he is going to harm the children. In the woman's manipulated and terrified mind she sees staying as the only way to save her life and the lives of her children. This is one reason why many women never tell anybody about their violent husbands. Another reason is because women believe their husband when he tells them that he loves them and that he will not do it again. These women are very dependent on their husbands and sub-consciously they trick themselves into believing that he will stop being abusive.

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