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             Child abuse are acts of maltreatment which can result in physical , mental, and emotional harm. (Child) Child abuse occurs in all ranges of society, incomes, races, and religions. Child abuse has a wide range of causes and effects. The effects can range from immediate problems such as death to bumps and bruises. The long term issues can result long term suffrage of psychiatric disorders. (Pickering) Both immediate and long term effects can be devastating to a child.
             Annually two thousand children die from child abuse and neglect. This can sometimes be as many as five children a day in the United States alone. (Child) The few children who do not die from child abuse have to suffer with bruises and bumps caused by the trauma. Bumps and bruises are normally the immediate signs of child abuse and should be acted upon quickly, but many times are ignored as being caused by normal child play. Children are the most vulnerable people in our society that causes them to be the most frequent victims of abuse. (Child) Normally the main caregivers such as parents cause child abuse. (Stiffman) Children are less likely to understand they are being abused at a young age. An awareness of the matter does not become a reality until their adolescent years. Even then they don't think that their caregivers would violate them in such a manner. (Stiffman).
             Many adults suffer with long-term issues caused by child abuse everyday. Victims of child abuse are more likely to suffer from psychiatric disorders such as depression , anxiety, and panic attacks. (Pickering) Drug abuse, scars from physical injuries, and prostitution can also be a long term effect caused by certain forms of child abuse. Victims of child abuse are also more likely to carry on the cycle and victimize their children. (Pickering).
             There are many causes of child abuse. The causes can easily be broken down into three groups. These three groups are titled social factors, family factors, and parental factors.

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