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Drug Abuse

             There are serious drug problems in the world today.
             abused are marijuana, alcohol, and hard drugs. Drug abuse is real and is a growing .
             concern in schools today. .
             Today the use of marijuana by teens is becoming out of control. Some of these .
             students are using everyday, which is disgusting. Other teens are addicted so bad that .
             they even get high before school. Because use rates are up so much, acedemics are .
             starting to be affected. Smoking daily makes students not want to do homework or .
             study for an exam. Therefore these bad decisions are causing grades to slip drastically. .
             Not only does using marijuana hurt academic performance, it also makes a person's .
             lungs and body hurt. This use reduces motivation to maintain personal hygiene.The .
             fact that the lungs are tared and hurt , attributes to one's lack of athletic motivation or .
             ability. The abuse of marijuana is a problem in high schools everywhere. .
             The consumption of alcohol is another big problem in high schools. High school .
             students are partying every weekend and drinking alcohol in the process. Drinking to .
             them is considered recreational. These habitual drinkers do not realize that there are .
             better activities to use ones time doing. Another example would be drinking and driving, .
             it is a scary but real occurance. Kids think that they are ok to drive but are really too .
             drunk to realize that they are not. Hearing about drunk driving deaths is a painful, .
             disheartening feeling. The other problem with alcohol is students drinking too often and .
             becoming alcoholics. These people drink more than just on weekends. Although very .
             disgusting, some students need to consume alcohol before or during school due to .
             Underwood 2.
             addictions. Alcohol use and abuse is another of the severe problems among high .
             schools today.
             Not only are marijuana and alcohol a problem, harder drugs are beoming a .
             cuase for concern as well. As silly as this sounds, Robitussin is being used to get high.

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