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Favorite Bread

            Spending a summer in Ireland with my grandparents was the best way to spend my family vacation. I loved everything about my grandparent's house. We would always wake up early and help with the animals, and other chores around the farm. Days I spent in Ireland were always very eventful. Between the cows getting loose and collecting turf from the bog, life on a farm can be exhausting. Through out the day every one as a family would take a break and sit down for Tea. Tea was the best time of the day, and the best part of tea was Grandma's homemade Irish soda bread. I have always loved the sweet taste of soda bread, but my grandmother's soda bread is the most magnificent Irish soda bread. Every Sunday after church my grandmother would make two loaves of soda bread. I would sit and watch in awe, then one day she let me help and finally she even taught me how to make it. The day she taught me how to make Irish soda bread I felt so honored. Sharing a recipe is like sharing happiness, and I would like to share a little happiness.
             The first step to any cooking is to gather all your ingredients. For soda bread you will need three cups of flour, one tablespoon of baking powder, one third cup white sugar, one teaspoon of baking soda, one egg, two cups butter milk, one fourth cup melted butter, and of course the raisins. Every time I would make soda bread with my grandmother I would always eat a lot of raisins, some times I would get full and not even eat dinner. I always managed to leave room for the first piece of soda bread, no matter how many raisins I ate. When you are making soda bread I recommend you buy extra raisins to munch on while you"re baking.
             After you have collected all the ingredients, pre-heat the oven to three hundred and twenty-five degrees farenheight. Make sure you have a large work place; this is so you have enough space to work with the dough. Begin by combining all the dry ingredients in a bowl, use you hands to sift through the powdery mixture.

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