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Man's Health

             "Behold, I pray that all may go well with you and that you maybe in good health, as I know that it is well with your soul" 3John 2.
             Women are privileged to have their own specialists to look after their health (Gynaecologists) and their pregnancies (Obstetricians). Children are well looked after by their own qualified medical practitioners to monitor their health during early stages of life (Neontologists) and later in their childhoods (Paediatricians). Elderly people have been provided with highly qualified experts to enhance their abilities later in life (Geriatricians). .
             Men, however, have been not as privileged to enjoy the expertise of a specialised team of their medical profession. Despite the uniqueness and the prevalence of their multiple complaints such as prostate problems, middle age crisis (male menopause), male infertility and erectile dysfunction. To compound the picture, there is the masculine sense of hidden pride hindering men from all age groups to seek medical advice as soon they fall ill. Men tend to postpone consulting their doctors well until they run out of all other resources.
             To overcome the above-mentioned issues we advise the following:.
             1. One should abandon the "should be alright" attitude.
             2. One should remember we are human and therefore when we start to feel sick we should consult our doctor.
             3. "A stitch in time saves nine" i.e. do not postpone consultation and treatment.
             4. Talk to your doctor about every and each concern. As there is no men's specialist yet among the medical profession the government has provided a quality assurance program to ensure that your GP is well acquainted with the concerns and treatments of men's health issues.
             5. One should acknowledge that many illnesses and diseases exclusively affect men. Furthermore some of the issues that may affect the other sex may affect men in a totally different way eg. Male menopause (also known as middle age crisis) would influence men to behave in a way totally different from that of women suffering from menopause (also known as change of life).

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