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There will come soft rains by

            The stories By the Waters of Babylon and There Will Come Soft Rains both show the weaknesses in man's technology. In both instances man was drastically hurt by a technological war. In There Will Come Soft Rains man was eliminated altogether, from the details the author gives. The setting of these two stories becomes an important piece of information to further the story. The two main characters, john and the house, share similarities with each other. Through the descriptive details of the authors one can get a good idea what would happen if technology ever was put to the wrong use.
             The stories both take place in the United States. By the Waters of Babylon takes place in New York while There Will Come Soft Rains happens in California. The significance of this is the technological superiority of the United States to the rest of the world. It is only fitting that an end from technology would come to the most advanced parts of the world. Today the technology in the stories is starting to emerge. Nuclear weapons, automated street lights, and canned food are some things people today can identify that were "advanced technology" in the stories. Both of the stories are set in the future. Technology at the time of these stories reached its maximum limit given by nature. Nature "realized" the limit had been reached and retook what naturally belonged to it. In There Will Come Soft Rains fire retook what was nature's while in By the Waters of Babylon it was man that sent itself back into nature's clutch.
             In the story By the Waters of Babylon the main character was John. He was a priest and a son of a priest. This was made very clear through repetition. He was also developed through his thoughts of his people. This would make John a round character. His people in the beginning in the gods live on the other side of the river. John is just like any one of them. John is a bit more courageous, however. He decides to venture into the land of the gods.

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