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romeo and juliet

             Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet has been seen as the most tragic love story in history. But many people don't look past the text and read between the lines. This story is full of contrasts. Joy and sorrow, light and dark, youth and age, love and hate, life and death. Love is a dangerous emotion a lot like fire is to the elements. But even if fire burns everything down, the forest will always grow back stronger. To share the beauty of its trees with the world, no one losses, everything things repair themselves in different ways. This is similar to the Romeo and Juliet tragedy. .
             Love takes over your whole body. It blinds you so you cant see anything but the object of your affection. It deafens you so you cant hear anything but there voice. You cant taste anything but there lips on yours. It makes you cold when you don't have there loving arms holding you. But at the same time it keeps a fire burning in your heart. Love is a drug, you feel so good when you have it but when its gone your helpless, totally vulnerable. Love can be so pure and innocent and go as deep as the sea. But even the rose has thorns, love can be sweet but bitter. Bring you so much joy but also so much sorrow. It has so many contrasts, that's what makes it the most complex and confusing emotion, also the most dangerous. .
             Love is what holds us together, Hate is what keeps us apart. These two emotions are what makes up Romeo and Juliet. The hate which the Montague's and Capulet's have for each other vs. the love Romeo and Juliet have for each other. The contrasts together mix a deadly potion which has a fatal outcome. What is the difference between love and hate? Some say it is only a fine line which divides them. If it is possible for Romeo and Juliet to love each other after the hatred that there families has taught them about the other, then this statement must be true. Romeo and Juliet showed us that love was above everything there parents, even hate that's what made it so strong.

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