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The New England Puritans

            During the seventeenth century there where many attempts to create the model society. The Puritans where one group that wanted to make a society based on their beliefs. The Puritans wanted to purify the church of England. They also wanted to build a purified society. One aspiration that really took of for the puritans was their attempt to create a self-government. .
             The Puritans wanted to have "A City upon a Hill", in which the eyes of all people would have been upon them . They felt in order to build a purified society they would have to following in the way of the Bible. Unless you had plans of your own you were bound to get lost in a New World. In order for the Puritans to successfully succeed in building a society, they were going to have to be flexible in the making. With their hopes and fears, optimism and pessimism, self-confidence, and humility they were able to fulfill one of their many aspirations. .
             Another important aspiration was their will to create their own self-government. With William Bradford as the governor of the Plymouth colony , and Captain Miles Standish as the head of the militia the Puritans developed the Mayflower Compact. With this compact the Puritans pledged allegiance to the King, combined themselves "into a civil body politic, " and bound themselves to obey all the laws this new government might enact. By obeying the laws of the Compact the Puritans were able to create a strong government that lead their infant colony to develop later in the state of Massachusetts. .
             The Puritans came to America searching for religious freedom. One of the Puritans main aspiration was to purify the Church of England. They wanted to do away with the colorful robes of priests, with prayer books, and the altars. The Puritans were seeking to bring the Church to a state of purity that would match Christianity as it had been in the time of Christ. .
             In Conclusion, the Puritans had many aspirations for the New World.

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