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Scarlet Letter

             The story revolves around Hester, a bearer of the scarlet letter. She was condemned by the townspeople of execution for she committed adultery with an unknown man. Her husband Chillingworth, filled with anger, told the townspeople that they should find the man who committed this crime. After Hester and her daughter pearl moved to live in isolation, the near by townsfolk demanded that her daughter should live without her mother. However puritan Reverend Dimmesdale disagreed and told the people that her child is a blessing and a reminder for her mother thus shall not be removing from her. .
             When the story goes on, the truth was uncovered that Dimmesdale is actually Pearl's father. Chillingworth, who strive to revenge, acted as a Doctor of Dimmesdale. Dimmesdale was getting sicker by day which was caused by the pain and the suffering which he kept a secret: He is the father of Pearl. Dimmesdale is loved by the people and his speeches moves and touches the townspeople.
             Hester and Dimmesdale planned that they will leave for Boston and live happily ever after, however Chillingworth tried to stop them. In a parade, Dimmesdale confesses to sins and right after the confession, he died peacefully. Hester and Pearl was relieved from their guilt. .
             The theme within the story is unconfessed sins leads to the destroying of the soul. Hester who was dubbed with the guilt, openly admits it thus her soul was not destroyed, instead she gathers strength and courage to stimulate her soul which radiant with more light. In the other hand, Dimmesdale hid his secret from others which slowly corroded his soul, leading to sickness and guilt. Later when he confesses, he was released from the painful and died peacefully.
             Important Passage:.
             "Mother," said little Pearl, "the sunshine does not love you. It runs away and hides itself, because it is afraid of something on your bosom. It will not flee from me, for I wear nothing on my bosom yet!" "Nor ever will, my child, I hope," said Hester.

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