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where water comes from

            Once upon a time, many, many years ago, all the earth was land. There was no water, and it was possible to walk around the world at the equator. The animals and the angels were at peace, thus God was happy. But God soon became unhappy with his world. The animals had no one to care for them, and the earth needed some one to use its rich fertile soil. God thought and thought until finally he came up with an idea. He decided to create humans, in his likeness with a will of their own. .
             So God created the first people. He placed them around the world, and made them in all shapes and colors. Everything was going fine, until the humans started sinning. With each sin, the angels cried. Their tears fell down to the earth, and gathered in puddles. With each sin, the puddles grew larger and larger, until finally, the first pond was formed. God warned the people, he told them that they were breaking the angel's hearts; for the angel's couldn't bear to see God's creations go bad. But they did not listen. The people kept sinning and sinning, and the angels kept crying and crying. Ponds were created, lakes were created, bays, seas, inlets, and gulfs were created as well. The people rejoiced, for the water helped them. They did not realize that their precious water was really angel tears. As time went on, the earth became more and more covered with water. The people sinned more and more, and the angels cried. Finally, things became so bad that God himself started crying. His tears fell to the earth along the tears of the angels. The people realized that some of the water was different, better than the rest. They christened this water holy water, but they did not realize that it was the tears of their God. .
             One day, God looked at his Earth. He realized that over 75% of it was covered in water, covered in tears. People could no longer walk around the world; they had to go by boat. Yes water was good for the people, but there was plenty of it.

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