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"Without a knowledge of the pa

            Nowadays, education has evolved to such a level that without a decent one, you become almost unable to understand what is really going around you and to perceive inumerous things daily. Many things now all need a trustful and scientific explanation for us to take it as true and for example in History we even learn to analyse sources and in science to make experiments in order to see if we can trust what is being taught to us. Thus, a good education is fundamental for our future, and the whole education process is based on knowledge of all the past discoveries, happenings. All in different areas and topics such as Science, History, Business, thus the past has na enormous significance to our learning and development of thought. Thus, it is extremely important for us to know the past knowledge in order to build up ours and for us to know what other people have done in order to attain knowledge.
             Our education is founded by discoveries and actions of minds of the past, as a matter of fact, all we know is as what we know is always in the past. Therefor, our own knowledge is obviously very fragile becaus without our memory, it would mean nothing at all as our progress on knowledge through different topics all depend upon knowledge of what we have learned from the past, such as to learn how to walk, to then learn how to run based on past experience. Therefor, if we had no knowledge of the past, the world would be a lot more backward than presently because all technology and improvements and peace are able due to information on the past, as we learn from it and evolve by adding on other discoveries and facts to what we already know. Thus, if we did not have any notion of the past, different areas of study would be greatly affected or non-existant at all as all is na evolution of what has been discovered since thousands of years up to now.
             To begin with, I will discuss what would occur to the subject History, if we had no notion of the past.

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