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             It was the second week of December in my first year as a Junior High school student when I realized it wasn't like elementary school anymore. There were hundreds of other kids walking down the halls when each bell rang. They even went to seven different rooms a day.
             One day while I was walking to my seventh period, my last class of the day. Three mean looking guys stopped me. I was late so the halls were empty. They wore baggy clothes just like I did, but the odd thing was they all had on black and red and that was it. That day I had on white pants and a blue shirt. Which I found out quickly they didn't like. The biggest one pushed me into a locker and said, "what's with that blue shirt fool"? I just looked at him wondering, "Why does he have a problem with my shirt". When I didn't reply he punched me in the side. It didn't hurt that much but just enough to make me hold my ribs. I thought they were going to seriously hurt me. Luckily a security guard was coming down the hall, so they took off out the door by where I was standing.
             The security guard didn't see what happen and I never told anyone, even my dad because I thought if I did they would really hurt me. This went on for over three months once a month. Finally I just quit going which was a big mistake. I missed 75 days out of 180 in a school year. I also ended up in truancy court every month and was fined over 100 dollars each time I went back. One day the judge said If I didn't return to school I would go to juvenile detention and go to school from there. When I heard that I went straight to school from then on. There was no way I was going to "kid jail".
             So the next time those three guys came I went to the office and told them every thing that happened. I even described what they looked like. The three-gang members were arrested and eventually expelled from school for other problems they caused. As for me, I continued going to school every day, I brought my grades up and made a lot of friends.

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